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Artists’ Sense of Nature

Text "Marche Award - Around the state of the art in the Marche" by Cecilia Casadei, MARV Rubini Vesin Art Museum, Gradara - by Cecilia Casadei

Giulia Corradetti is a visual artist and advertising graphic designer who works mainly with digital research. To tell a utopia, not that of a (im)possible return to an uncontaminated Nature, but that of an alliance between artifice and Nature. An aesthetic dialogue with surprising results that heralds a new vital dimension. The theme of Nature…

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Artificial by nature

Exhibition text "Eating The Good" by Nikla Cingolani: Showroom Elica - Out of Expo, Milan; Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona; Palazzo Bisaccioni Museum Headquarters, Jesi - by Nikla Cingolani

“Biotechnology promises to be the greatest revolution in human history. By the end of this decade, we will have far surpassed nuclear power and computers in terms of the impact on our daily lives.” Michael Crichton The original painting by Giulia Corradetti, while maintaining solid figurative roots, invites us to enter into the mystery of…

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Giulia Corradetti and the universe: from enigmatic poetry to artificial nature.

Magazine article "Piceno 33" - by Valentina Falcioni

Giulia Corradetti is an artist from Ascoli, born in 1982, a perceptive woman, endowed with deep introspective abilities and at the same time an acute investigator of the universe that from an enigmatic poem with time has turned into a dull little tune, covered with a depressing synthetic, artificial nature. Giulia has felt her propensity…

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Between landscape and body: time

Exhibition text "Fields of View - The rural landscape from Licini to Pericoli" by Stefano Papetti, Carlo Bachetti, Palazzo dei Capitani, Ascoli Piceno - by Daniele De Angelis

The grafts between vegetable and animal kingdoms, in Giulia Corradetti’s digital elaborations, invest also human technological specificities, in the creation of beings similar to tadpoles or spermatozoa with a feeding cable as tail, hovering in indefinable environments, between terrestrial and aquatic, between cubic stones as sugar lumps, water bubbles as fertilized eggs and flowers with…

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Giulia Corradetti – Venice Biennale

Exhibition text " 54^ International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale - Italy Pavilion", by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Turin - by Alessandra Lucia Coruzzi

Curious research, in the ephemeral legacy of a hyperreal consideration, far from the traditional vision of truth. From it we can grasp the transformation through an accessible language in the softened version of the concrete edges of an immediate vision, as a current path of horizontal investigation with a wide visual cone. A dreamy version…

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Artificial Nature

Exhibition text "Artificial Nature", by Mirella di Peco, Artsinergy Gallery, San Benedetto del Tronto / Rome - by Mirella Di Peco

The title of the exhibition Artificial Nature indicates the terms of Giulia Corradetti’s artistic research: on the one hand nature, which according to oriental philosophies “awakens in us the aesthetic feeling, attenuates our aggressive tendencies, stimulates poetic inspiration, and in this way nourishes our heart and our mind” (Tsunesaburo Makiguchi), on the other hand the…

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Giulia Corradetti: the beauty of the “mutant”

Magazine article "Contempor Art", Art and Culture Quarterly - by Andrea Baffoni

The twentieth century was the century of technology, spasmodic evolution and the definitive encounter between man and machine. The Futurists wanted it from the first decade, André Deed expressed it with The Mechanical Man in 1921, Fritz Lang in 1927 with Metropoliz and Chaplin ten years later with Modern Times, but no one had questioned…

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Organic transgressions

Magazine article "Kaspiterina" by Daniele De Agelis coordinated by Nazareno Luciani - by Daniele De Angelis

“Now, the “wonder” – the “monster” – is essentially what transgresses the separation of the kingdoms, mixes the animal and the vegetable, the animal and the human; it is the excess, in that it changes the quality of things to which God has given a name; it is the metamorphosis, which shifts from one order…

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Naturacultura – Snaturati

Taken from the text of the exhibition “Naturacultura - Snaturati”, by Gloria Gradassi, Marconi Gallery, Cupra Marittima, AP - by Gloria Gradassi

Digital matter is the object of Giulia Corradetti’s elaborations. In her recent production the constitutive process of the image has matured into figures with a very credible corporeity. The artificiality of digital has been flanked by an imaginary of biological and natural forms, recreated in the illusory space of the virtual image. Its material shows…

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Authenticity in the form

Exhibition text "Funny Shapes", by Cristina Petrelli, Studio Arte Fuori Centro, Rome - by Cristina Petrelli

Color inspires the imagination. Creating colour scales is fun, just as it can be fun to combine different, even contrasting shades. Combining a certain colour range, pleasant and attractive, with simple shapes, is the basis of many children’s games, especially the smallest ones. The coloured block stimulates creativity, suggests the combination of the various colours…

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Exhibition text "GommaSpina", by Alessandra Virgili, former St. Andrew's Church, Ascoli Piceno

Giulia Corradetti was born in Ascoli Piceno on August 31, 1982. After obtaining the artistic maturity she attended the course of Decorative Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, and in 2006 she graduated with full marks. Her debut in GommaSpina is the result of an intense work born from curiosity and grown…

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The enchanted world of Corradetti

Magazine article "Inside Art" - by Massimo Canorro

To develop one’s skills – from manual skills to a sense of space, from logic to reasoning – by creating chromatic scales and associating different, even contrasting tones. It is the color, pleasant and captivating, that tickles the imagination of Giulia Corradetti, at the center of the personal “Funny shapes”, welcomed by the Roman space…

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Female Plural

Taken from the text of the exhibition "Female Plural", by Simonetta Angelini, former Municipal Archive Hall, Monteprandone, AP - Simonetta Angelini

Certain essentiality, certain sought after belongings are like the blade of a scalpel. Trincianti, analytical. They can reveal. For approaches and distortions; for distances and deformations; for suspensions, absences, angularity. With consternation, irony, impudence. Roughly. The flesh and soul without shame. Who has to be everything and too much; who can invent a diversity, a…

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