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Artists’ Sense of Nature

Text "Marche Award - Around the state of the art in the Marche" by Cecilia Casadei, MARV Rubini Vesin Art Museum, Gradara - by Cecilia Casadei

Giulia Corradetti is a visual artist and advertising graphic designer who works mainly with digital research. To tell a utopia, not that of a (im)possible return to an uncontaminated Nature, but that of an alliance between artifice and Nature. An aesthetic dialogue with surprising results that heralds a new vital dimension. The theme of Nature is the central motif of his work, if not a social denunciation, a sort of warning, and his language is a reflection that can induce reflection in the dimension of collective thought, suggesting new points of view and establishing new relationships in innovative and experimental terms. And everything intensifies and passes through an original apparatus, the elaboration of a language that for some years now has been drawing inspiration from the natural world, from the fusion of different and contrasting elements. Among the first works of about 15 years ago, those of the photographic series ‘GommaSpina’, real and fictitious merge through the mirage of colours, textures, shapes of animals and plants, virtual foam rubber transplants. Something that becomes an invitation to look deeper, to trace those microscopic fluctuations that reveal to us the animated nature of things. In the ‘Artificial Nature’ project, Corradetti reflects on the distance and exploitative relationship of contemporary man towards the natural environment that hosts him, and on the consequences of this attitude, thus hypothesising the idea of a ‘post-nature’, in which natural components are contaminated by elements of artificial derivation and vice versa. A dynamic ecosystem in which organisms of plant and animal nature interact and aim to preserve their balance, adapting to the contamination of human artefacts. Man or particular natural events can upset the relationships established and consolidated over time between biological components to such an extent that a new ecosystem is born. In search of harmony between technology and Nature, Corradetti imagines a possible future in which the biological and the artificial can coexist in balance. This specific project inspired the work that the artist presented in 2011 at the Venice Biennale of Regions. With the work on display, dated 2023, “Nature Explosion”, Corradetti follows the line of the idea of a post-nature when it is his own words that confirm the intent of his project: “post-nature in my work symbolises not only the environmental transformations due to human intervention, but is meant to be a reminder of the need for mankind to realign with natural cycles and harmonies. ‘Nature Explosion’ investigates this theme through an aesthetic that merges the organic with the artificial, showing that a symbiosis between these two elements is possible. It is a work that seeks to represent the beauty and vitality of nature, while at the same time encouraging a critical reflection on how we can improve our relationship with it, by reacquainting ourselves with its rhythms and rediscovering our place in the natural environment, not as strangers to it but as an integral part of a living, pulsating and interconnected system.

Cecilia Casadei