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The enchanted world of Corradetti

Magazine article "Inside Art" - by Massimo Canorro

To develop one’s skills – from manual skills to a sense of space, from logic to reasoning – by creating chromatic scales and associating different, even contrasting tones. It is the color, pleasant and captivating, that tickles the imagination of Giulia Corradetti, at the center of the personal “Funny shapes”, welcomed by the Roman space Studio Arte Fuori Centro from the first to 24 December.

“We could trace the artist’s gesture back to the liberation of the form imprisoned in the material so dear to the authors of the past”, explains the curator Cristina Petrelli. In her view, Corradetti gives life to an enchanted world where artificial forms, obtained by sculpting and colouring foam rubber, coexist with natural ones. “The staff takes two parallel paths. The foam rubber form on the one hand is exhibited as an installation, on the other hand it is acquired digitally and reworked through the addition of animal and vegetable elements”, continues Petrelli.

In her works the artist also makes use of photographs she takes of succulent plants, mainly cacti. Through the hybrids born, the tactile qualities of the materials used are highlighted, “giving life to a reality very similar to ours even if governed by its own rules”, the curator specifies. The works on display are a warning to apply human potential to seek that harmony given by the certainty of being part of a whole in continuous equilibrium, “alerting from the upheavals and excesses that lead to go against nature,” Petrelli concludes.

Massimo Canorro