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Naturacultura – Snaturati

Taken from the text of the exhibition “Naturacultura - Snaturati”, by Gloria Gradassi, Marconi Gallery, Cupra Marittima, AP - by Gloria Gradassi

Digital matter is the object of Giulia Corradetti’s elaborations. In her recent production the constitutive process of the image has matured into figures with a very credible corporeity. The artificiality of digital has been flanked by an imaginary of biological and natural forms, recreated in the illusory space of the virtual image. Its material shows the characteristic of wanting to detach itself from the flat surface, in a seductive and vivid three-dimensionality. The controlled figuration, fresh and always on the edge of experimentation, is always nourished by the illusion of three-dimensionality, as if the forms had their own real consistency. In her project to redesign new living forms, Giulia Corradetti tends to seek harmony between technology and nature, imagining a possible future in which the biological and the artificial will have found their own balance.

Gloria Gradassi