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Giulia Corradetti – Venice Biennale

Exhibition text " 54^ International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale - Italy Pavilion", by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Turin - by Alessandra Lucia Coruzzi

Curious research, in the ephemeral legacy of a hyperreal consideration, far from the traditional vision of truth. From it we can grasp the transformation through an accessible language in the softened version of the concrete edges of an immediate vision, as a current path of horizontal investigation with a wide visual cone. A dreamy version of the surroundings, almost in a soft world. A world with a “gummy” tangible appearance, tasty truthfulness made of acute and fantastic observations, placed in the shadow of a thin veil of distant missed rule. The research carried out among the voluntary artisticity drawn from a drawn aura and dreamlike fairytale thought, make of Giulia Corradetti’s art a new formal thought, a new hoped-for journey, an unusual naturalistic path, traveled among the keys of the digital in search of a serene embrace, far from feral contamination, idyllic in the turn of dough and stretched to the diffused color, lead to a strange magical metaphysical atmosphere of a different inspired contemporary.

Alessandra Lucia Coruzzi