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Female Plural

Taken from the text of the exhibition "Female Plural", by Simonetta Angelini, former Municipal Archive Hall, Monteprandone, AP - Simonetta Angelini

Certain essentiality, certain sought after belongings are like the blade of a scalpel. Trincianti, analytical. They can reveal. For approaches and distortions; for distances and deformations; for suspensions, absences, angularity. With consternation, irony, impudence. Roughly. The flesh and soul without shame. Who has to be everything and too much; who can invent a diversity, a gender identity; who knows how to abandon and guard, include and show; who genetically has the passage of time, transversal directions, instinct and concreteness, who belongs to the passages. The eternal contemporary feminine, protean: to the world crooked and yet in balance. Always in transit for organic restlessness. With a plural movement with different languages, which runs parallel paths, back. To themselves…

It is like inside a playful eden pop without place, immaterial, in Giulia Corradetti’s photography. Sharp. Voluptuous and soft. With some thorn and the liquid dimensions, inconsistent shadows. Hybrid, vegetable and animal. Made of cartoon things and shapes. In this ironic and succulent imagery, artificial and synthetic, the totem has the manipulated verticality of a digital assembly. Signal of a little god without edges, close, of a ritual of fantasy and lightness. Inside a surreal suspension that composes and contaminates contrasts. With irony, evading and invading.

Simonetta Angelini