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Between landscape and body: time

Exhibition text "Fields of View - The rural landscape from Licini to Pericoli" by Stefano Papetti, Carlo Bachetti, Palazzo dei Capitani, Ascoli Piceno - by Daniele De Angelis

The grafts between vegetable and animal kingdoms, in Giulia Corradetti’s digital elaborations, invest also human technological specificities, in the creation of beings similar to tadpoles or spermatozoa with a feeding cable as tail, hovering in indefinable environments, between terrestrial and aquatic, between cubic stones as sugar lumps, water bubbles as fertilized eggs and flowers with hi-tech corollas. The vision is that of a different nature, beyond the future, of a landscape in which contrasts with man, his machines and his choices are balanced and amalgamated, in an evolution capable of eliminating all boundaries of gender, race and species, achieving a universal harmony that is hope in the understanding of the ultimate essence of nature and time, in which everything exists and lives.

Daniele De Angelis